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Reliable assistance when you need it most

We are committed to helping our business partners with specialized technology solutions.

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What Makes Us Different

Analytics Computer Information Systems, Inc., provides a full range of IT support services for midsize organizations in the greater Denver area. As your outsourced IT team, we’ll optimize your IT system, proactively maintain your network, quickly address your users’ concerns and integrate an ideal VoIP phone system into your IT network. We offer a variety of technology consulting services to the business community. Keeping pace with the constant advances in computer technology, Analytics’ technicians install, support and upgrade customer systems and networks. Analytics is a one-stop shop for your IT and computer support needs. We provide businesses with start to end solutions like domain name management, web page development, E-Mail hosting, computers, servers, networks, network cabling, ISP, infrastructure management, software integration and maintenance, managed services, and migration of data solutions, which are only a few of the many that we offer. Additionally, we provide VoIP solutions that we design, install and support along with our customers’ network. We pride ourselves on being a proactive, service-oriented company, providing all IT solutions built to fit all types of businesses. We are staffed with professionals from diverse disciplines, pooling our talents to provide our clients with the best technology and service available today. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs, resolving today’s problems with our clients’ future in mind.

Our Vision

We Want to See Your Company Succeed

Analytics’ vision is to partner with companies to maximize their growth, success, and prosperity of their business. Our mission is to make IT about the people we serve, not the technology serving them. Our monthly service contracts start at $500/month and are tailored to reflect each client’s network and systems. If optimizing your IT program would enhance your business, contact us so we can discuss the right, customized arrangement for you. We can handle many of the “To Do” list items remotely, but when you or your users have a concern or question, we’d rather have a face-to-face dialogue to make sure everything is clearly communicated and taken care of properly.

Reliable Technology Partner

We Provide IT Solutions That Actually Work

We’ve been providing IT services for the Denver-area companies since 1993. Our average client has been with us just under eight years and a few have been with us nearly the whole time. We’ll be with you for the long term too, putting the best IT solutions in place to keep your workforce productive and efficient. Our services are a dream come true for many small business owners. Unlike the one-man show IT “solution,” or the agony of helplines that keep you waiting for hours, we provide solutions that actually work. You’ll partner with a dedicated support person, one of the three people who run the help desk. They’ll know you by name and quickly learn all the ins and outs of your technology setup. You won’t have to explain your unique situation every time you call in because you are more than just a number here. When problems arise that can’t be solved over the phone, we’ll come to you.

Problem Prevention

Don't Let Downtime Due to IT Problems Harm Your Business' Productivity

We understand that downtime can harm your business. If your systems are down, we can generally get a technician out the same day. But we do more than solve problems, we help prevent them in the first place. We’ll set you up with virus protection and regular system checks that catch routine problems before they get worst which, in turn, can help increase your productivity during your work time. In the long run, IT systems add the most value when they’re scalable, implemented properly and utilizing the right hardware and software. Since we don’t settle for “workarounds” or ad hoc fixes in those areas, you’ll enjoy reliable, efficient and value-added IT capability in your workspace.

Business Support

Your Business Needs and Deserves a Reliable Technology System

We get it, you’re busy. We’ll handle the boring technical stuff so that you can channel your energy into what really matters for your business. We do everything we can to prevent problems by doing the work right the first time. And when problems arise, you can count on us to respond quickly to resolve them. We assign two techs to each client as well as compile an extensive database for each so our team has quick access to information about the client’s systems, network, and configurations. This overlap means you can always immediately reach someone already familiar with your system or who can quickly offer solutions. Since our techs are employees, not contractors, we invest in their continuing education, incentivizing them to study and pursue certifications while they’re on the job in our office. This focus on continual improvement translates into optimal service for the clients to which they’re assigned.

Our Owners Have Executive Experience

For over 30 years, founder and CEO, Calvin Sawkins, has served in various leadership roles providing data integration for numerous companies, designing and implementing systems and standards while always utilizing the best technology.

Calvin Sawkins

President | CEO | Founder

In 1993, Calvin founded Analytics Computer Information Systems, Inc., and was a one-man operation until 2001, supporting business PCs and networks. As the company grew, Calvin brought on additional support and technical team members to maintain a high level of service to his small to midsize business clients. One of his first employees was his wife, Cindy, who still serves as the company’s office manager, bookkeeper, and HR professional.

Cindy Sawkins

Office Manager

Cindy is the Office Manager of Analytics, where she oversees that the daily operations of the office run smoothly. Since joining Analytics in 2001, she maintains the financial aspects of the business. Cindy has been involved in AR, AP and monthly billing since the inception of Analytics. Customer Service has been at the forefront of her entire career.

Cindy has been a resident of Littleton since moving to Colorado in 1996. She enjoys hiking, biking, golf, gardening, reading and spending time with her husband and growing family.

How We Work

We firmly believe that in any business relationship, establishing trust and providing maximum value calls for a certain level of face-to-face interaction. That’s why our service agreements always include a specified number of hours of onsite IT support on at least a monthly basis. We’ll collaborate with you to set the frequency and number of hours of onsite IT support based on the number of users, computers, and servers we’ll be supporting. We’ll also factor in your general assessment of how much support your people will need and the overall level of tech-savvy in your workplace. The Analytics IT Help Desk is located in our Denver office – staffed 12 hours per day by our techs who also provide on-call support after hours for critical timely issues. These techs, employees of Analytics, use several types of remote access tools to connect to your network and work with any component that’s “On” and accessible through the Internet. The troubleshooters on our IT Help Desk serve as our “first-responders” to assess and address your IT-related problems. Our Help Desk techs have proven skills, with certifications in areas like Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange administration, and Windows Server 2016 administration. Analytics has a very progressive professional development policy for our technicians. We require them to pursue ongoing technical training and certifications (we cover the cost of their materials and of the exams themselves) to help them achieve their unique professional development plans.

Onsite Support

We Train Our Technicians to Provide a High Quality Service

Under the service agreement, we’ll assign two techs to support your company. They’ll quickly become familiar with your systems, priorities, and people. On a typical onsite IT support visit, one of these techs will spend 50% of the allotted time on reactive “To Do” list items that your users have logged and 50% of this time proactively documenting and checking systems. He or she also will visit with individual users on a rotating basis to review their IT practices and concerns and coach them on fundamental issues such as archiving, document storage, and network security. We’ll review this arrangement with you quarterly to determine if the arrangement should be adjusted in any way. As your company grows, we’ll increase the level of onsite support to ensure service levels don’t slip. Our promise is to always have two specialist technicians cross-trained on your companies’ specific servers, computers, networks, and components of your onsite and remote equipment configurations. This gives you the confidence that we will always have you covered and be able to respond every time the need arises.

Live Specialists

You Will Always Talk to a Live Specialist

The troubleshooters on our IT Help Desk serve as our “first-responders” to assess and address your IT-related problems. Our Help Desk techs have proven skills, with certifications in areas like Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange administration, and Windows Server 2016 administration. It is important for people who are having computer or network issues to have an immediate response. When you call the Analytics office during business hours, you will always talk to a live specialist. This person will help to direct your call to the appropriate tech specialist or sales representative allowing for a quick response to your situation and/or needs. Our onsite specialist technicians maintain a database to capture up-to-date, detailed notes regarding the servers, computers, networks, and components for all of your onsite and remote equipment. Our in-house support specialists can access those notes in the database and aid in finding you a positive solution. This saves you downtime, money and undue stress.