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Analytics Computers helps businesses all over Colorado.

Data Protection

A company without their data is not a company at all n today’s world. We use military grade encryption to protect your data.

Cyber Attack Prevention

We provide our customers with the latest cyber attack prevention technology using AI and machine learning.

Remote Backup & Data Recovery

Unfortunately disasters do happen. With remote backup and recovery services you are covered whenever a disaster strikes.

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Reliable IT Security Services In Denver

As technology advances, so do the threats that come with it. It seems that everyday there is news of yet another cyber-attack or security breach that costs companies of all sizes both money and trust with their consumers.

The only way to avoid this malicious cyber destruction is to stay ahead of it by implementing top of the line IT security solutions. Robust IT security is more than just implementing an anti-virus software and letting it be.

Keeping your company safe from cyber attacks requires ongoing maintenance to target the ever-evolving digital threats that aim to infiltrate your system for profit or destroy your company for sport.

Analytics Computers offers leading IT security in Denver for small and mid-sized businesses through a variety of different applications. Let’s discuss the IT security solutions that are available to you.

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

In today’s digital age, most computer users are familiar with the concept of anti-virus software. Typically, viruses and malware are introduced to a system when a user clicks on a harmful link. Whether the dangerous link comes from a legitimate looking email or a trusted website, the risk is the same to your computer system.

Our IT security solutions include the industry leading, cloud-based Barracuda® firewall protection that blocks spam, viruses, and malicious malware. Our security experts will place this firewall between the Internet and your company’s network, where it will continuously screen emails and other online activity to detect and filter out potential threats.

After installing, we will keep your network security at its peak by helping you manage system updates. This diligence will ensure that your anti-virus and malware software is up-to-date and can best protect your business from the newest and most relevant types of cyber threats.

Security Protection as a Service (SPaaS)

As we mentioned earlier, installing IT security software and leaving it to do its job is not enough in the tech-savvy age we are doing business in today. The best IT security solutions will include a multi-layered approach to protection.

This is why Analytics Computers is proud to employ the SonicWALL® firewall as a tool in our Security Protection as a Service. The SonicWALL® firewall is installed at your network’s gateway in order to provide what we consider to be the best IT security services. Our SPaaS includes:

  • The latest in intrusion protection
  • Malware, virus, and spyware scanning on all incoming traffic to your network
  • Advanced capture tools to help identify new and unknown threats
  • Proactive monitoring of your network traffic with real time alerts
  • Optional SSL encrypted VPN connection for secure remote access
  • Robust reporting of malicious activities

With Analytics Computers handling your IT security in Denver, you no longer need to buy expensive annual subscriptions for the most advanced features or worry about updating your firewall equipment every couple of years so that your IT security is up to date. We handle all the hassle and headaches of IT security in Denver for you at a low monthly fee so you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected.

Web Content Filtering

Our IT security solutions offer more than just simple anti-virus protection. Our tools allow us to include web content controls that will prevent users from accessing certain categories of websites (say, social media) while using your network.

We can customize your web content filters for each user in your organization. With Analytics Computers at the helm of your IT security, you can truly customize your security solutions for the needs of your business.

Trust Analytics Computers for Your IT Security

Most cyber threats infiltrate companies through a weak link. More often than not, this weak link that compromises your organization is an employee clicking on what they think is a safe link or downloading what they believed to be a trusted file.

Eliminate the risk of human error by letting Analytics Computers handle your IT security. Get back to doing what you do best and know that we are doing what we do best: keeping your company safe with top-of-the-line IT security solutions.

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