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IT Support

In most cases, IT support services can be handled remotely and it’s remarkable how much we can access and accomplish from our help desk environment. But some issues require onsite attention such as hardware repair or installation issues, or situations requiring face-to-face instruction and training. We offer IT consulting for businesses in the Denver area, our consultants will guide you every step of the process. Our service is ongoing, delivering the specific areas of IT expertise you need when you need them.

Infrastructure as a Service

A good infrastructure is ideal for companies of all sizes. We offer it at a “per seat” rate that will remain the same based on your configuration requirements. That means you’ll be able to predictably budget for IT expenditures, rather than trying to accommodate periodic expensive server hardware investments. As you grow and need additional resources the environment is upgradable and expandable to fit future needs.

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Managed Hosting

We’re getting close to the time when all significant business applications, software, and IT functions will be primarily cloud-based. Things like local backups and on-premise servers will be a thing of the past. Hosted cloud services offer many advantages – security, reliability, reduced capital expenditures, better opportunities for employee collaboration, and enhanced flexibility. We’ll work with you to identify the cloud-based services that…

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Managed Services Provider

Analytics has been offering comprehensive, outsourced IT support for small Denver businesses since 1995. We’ve grown and evolved right along with the increasing complexity of the IT industry as a trusted IT managed service provider. With Analytics IT as your managed service provider, you’ll have two techs assigned to your company, helping them become familiar with your IT network. This outsourced IT team will be available to address your…

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Server Management

Servers can be local (onsite) or hosted (cloud-based). We work with Denver-area midsized companies to design ideal server solution configurations based on factors like a number of employees, employee location, information-sharing requirements, office locations, and physical office layouts. Ideally, we recommend a modular approach, utilizing host servers and virtual servers either in a local or hosted environment for functions like domain…

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IT Security

For nearly three decades, Analytics has been providing a full range of IT security and computer support services for companies in the Denver area. We’ve grown right along the region’s business community and continue to stay ahead of evolving IT capabilities and challenges. Our clients can focus on their business’ operations and growth while we provide IT solutions for them.

Cybersecurity Protection

In the current world, it's not enough to load security tools onto your systems and networks. They must continually be updated as new versions are released to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats. We’ll combine these tools into your customized business IT security system and keep everything up to date for you. IT security best practices for midsized businesses include continual user training and oversight. Most data breaches happen due to…

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Data Protection

Analytics provides data protection and remote backup service solutions for midsized businesses. We’ll customize a data protection plan for your organization with secure interfaces between devices, suggested operational policies, and efficient recovery capabilities. We’ll work with you to take steps to prevent a data breach or loss, but in the worst case, you’ll have a system in place for data recovery so your organization misses as few beats as…

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Security Protection as a Service

Every so often, accounts of massive cyber breaches reach the mainstream media, such as the recent WannaCry ransomware that hit so many healthcare facilities in the UK. But if you’re on the frontlines of IT security on a daily basis, you know that WannaCry is just one of the many increasingly creative threats knocking on the doors of networks every day. It is becoming a daily occurrence that we hear in the news about cyber-attacks or threats. We…

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VoIP Phone System

Digital phone systems, along with their redundant wiring and cabling, have become outdated. Be sure your organization is using the best, high-quality, scalable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system. VoIP systems run through your IT network right alongside your computers and other IT devices. Midsized organizations have many options when it comes to VoIP systems, but depending on the size of the company, we recommend one of two providers. Either a hosted, easily scalable VoIP “Net2Phone” arrangement or an onsite phone system utilizing an Allworx® line of switches and equipment. Talk to our IT small business consulting team about your options for a cost-efficient, dependable, scalable phone system. Whether you choose on-premise or hosted, you will be able to transfer voicemails to emails, have access to your phone from your laptops and devices, have the “Follow Me/Find Me” call forwarding capabilities, make conference calls, and other collaboration features.

Hosted Phone System

For smaller companies with less than 20 users, a hosted VoIP arrangement (meaning there is no on-premise switching equipment) is usually the better option. In these cases, we work with our Denver-area clients to implement the small-business VoIP services hosted, managed, and maintained by Net2phone. Net2phone’s cloud-based system is extremely reliable and the user has no upfront costs related to switching equipment. You will be able to…

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On Premise Phone System

The systems can utilize current analog POTS lines, digital PRI, or move into newer Internet-based SIP lines. The versatility provided allows your business VoIP system to use whatever phone provider technology you prefer (e.g. POTS, T1, SIP, PRI). If you have a quality computer network in your office, our VoIP phone system can use your current network. This helps eliminate charges of additional cabling runs to the user workstation. You will be…

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