Emergency IT Support

Emergency IT Support

Looking for Emergency IT Support? We can help with that.

Analytics Computers provides emergency IT support for companies in Denver, Colorado.

If your network goes down or you’re the victim of a malicious hack attempt, your entire business comes to a halt – quickly. You’re losing billable hours and so much more, often due to a complication that can be easily resolved with the right training.

Because today’s businesses simply cannot do business without phones, computers, servers, and more, there is a serious need for every organization to have an emergency tech support partner who is available whenever and wherever you need them.

That is precisely what Analytics Computer provides and we do so under a number of different models, including as part of a monthly service agreement.

Why Let Analytics Computers Handle Your Emergency Tech Support?

You have your options when it comes to emergency support for technology needs. However, you won’t find a more qualified, well-trained, or responsive team of tech experts anywhere else.

Our team prides themselves on continued education and training, making our technicians some of the most highly-educated on the latest trends for tech crisis and resolution. Moreover, our technicians truly are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Analytics Computers on your emergency tech support team, you’re business will never be alone.

Whether you’re experiencing a network outage or malware attack right this minute or you simply realize the importance of ongoing service by IT pros, contact our emergency tech support team to learn more about our project-based and monthly support agreements.

24 / 7 Crisis Prevention – What to Expect

At Analytics Computers, emergency tech support means crisis mitigation and prevention 24/7. From the smallest complication to an aggressive malware attack, you can trust that your business is protected.

Clients who have a monthly service agreement need only pick up the phone to be transferred to the emergency queue where a technician will address the problem immediately. Among the services provided by our emergency tech support team are:

  • Hard drive failure
  • RAID failure
  • Critical server outages
  • Major security incidents
  • Data recovery due to malware incident
  • Network outages
  • Internet outages
  • Other critical IT infrastructure system outages

Our emergency tech support options extend far beyond the scope of our monthly service clients, however. Even if you are not a client of Analytics Computers, our tech support team can guide you through your time of crisis to find a timely and effective solution that gets your business back up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Emergency IT Support Services

Emergency Tech Support Agreements

Our emergency tech support packages can be bundled three different ways, depending on the needs of the client. While we recommend a monthly service agreement as the most effective means of preventing crisis, that’s not always the ideal solution. Let’s discuss how you can leverage the expertise of our emergency tech support team.

Monthly Service Agreement

Whether you came to Analytics Computers for general IT support or guidance on a highly specific upgrade, nearly every ongoing contract we have includes onsite, remote, and emergency tech support.

There’s no additional cost for clients who have us handling their ongoing IT needs to use any of our support features, including after-hours emergency support.

Project-Based Support

If you don’t have a service agreement with the Analytics Computers team, don’t panic. When you find yourself facing a technology emergency, you, too, can simply give us a call.

We can schedule an emergency tech visit to help you resolve the problem in a timely fashion. Our technicians will come to your office, if the problem can’t be resolved remotely, to inspect the system and determine a course of action for resolution. All this can be done without a contract.

Project-to-Support Agreement

Oftentimes, after the first time a client has faced a tech emergency without any ongoing support in place, they do everything they can not to have that experience again.

Because we know how stressful it is to handle an outage or tech emergency anyways, much less without any tech support, we offer a project-to-support agreement where we will draw up a contract for ongoing support after mitigating the emergency. This saves you money on your emergency tech work and headache down the line because your systems are protected.

Why Work With Analytics Computers?

Proactive IT Management
We look ahead to make sure that you and your business is successful far into the future.
Preventative IT Management
Through realtime monitoring capabilities we are able to spot potential issues before they become a major problem.
We live and work here in the Denver area. We are here for your business whenever you need us and we understand that doesn't always mean during work hours
Professional Staff
We know that we are only as good as our people - we have a great and professional staff ready to serve you here at Analytics Computers.
Reputable IT Management
We have been in business for over 27 successful years in the Denver area. We are in business today because of the reputation that we have with our customers.
Enterprise IT Management
We offer a level of Enterprise IT support that few companies in Denver can match. Our clients rest easy because they know their data is always protected from ransomeware and data loss.

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