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Is Your Computer Secure In 2020?

2020 Computer Security
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Is Your Computer Secure In 2020?

Our computers help us stay connected to the modern world. We use them for banking, accounting, shopping, connecting with our friends and family through E-mail and social networking sites, surfing the internet, and so much more.

We rely so heavily on our computers to provide these services that we sometimes overlook their security. Because our computers have such critical roles in our lives and we trust them with so much personal information, it’s important to monitor and improve their security so we can continue to rely on them and keep our information safe.

Attackers can infect your computer with malicious software, or malware, in many different ways. They can take advantage of unsafe user practices and flaws in your computer’s programs (flaws including vulnerabilities and unsecured services and features) and use social engineering (in which an attacker convinces someone to perform an action such as opening a malicious email attachment or following a malicious link).

Once your computer is infected, intruders can use the malware to access your computer without your knowledge to perform unwanted actions. They can steal your personal information, change computer configurations, cause your computer to perform unreliably, and install even more malware they can use to leverage attacks or spread malware to others.

Here is a list of things to watch out for.
This is not a complete list of threats and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. In the world of computer security, it is better to be safe.

• Suspicious E-mails and attachments •
• Websites that ask for personal information such as banking information and passwords •
• Pop-up windows •
• Computer running slowly or not allowing you to access your normal programs •

What can Analytics do to help?
Analytics is here to help in all aspects of computer security and computer software security from stopping threats, removing threats and ensuring the computer is useable with minimal downtime. If you notice your computer running slow, pop-up windows that stop your workflow or you have a warning from your anti-virus program, call us and we will get the issue taken care of in a timely manner. Here is a list of what Analytics can do for your organization.

• Run virus and malware scans to detect and clean threats •
• Ensure your computer has the latest updates •
• Check your computer for issues that cause slowness •
• Advise you on the best security practices •
• Assist with software upgrades and installs •
• Remotely monitor your servers and workstations •
• Make sure your files are properly and securely backed up •
• Answer questions on security practices for E-mail and internet safety •
• Train your employees on security and use of electronic devices •
• Audit your organization and implement policies to keep your business running smooth •

Give is a call today and we will be happy to help you with any of your business IT support services.

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