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5 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services


5 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services

As opposed to salaried employees, managed services providers (MSPs) provide 24/7 IT support – this includes after hours and holiday support. For best results, select an established provider with proven quality IT services.

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer an effective means of overseeing complex systems and mitigating risks at lower costs than employing an in-house engineer would.


Small to midsized businesses find the cost of hiring and managing in-house IT teams prohibitive, yet managed IT services provide a solution that reduces these expenses significantly.

MSPs offer monthly fees that cover your entire IT environment – hardware and software alike. This enables you to better plan for upcoming expenses like system refreshes or upgrades with this approach.

MSPs house their IT infrastructure onsite, saving space in your office and money on energy bills. In addition, they have all of the resources and expertise required to oversee and monitor your IT, leaving you more time and energy to focus on meeting business goals. Furthermore, MSPs can identify areas for improvement within IT systems that need improving as well as suggest solutions that can deliver a return on investment.


Managed IT services providers often incorporate hardware and software costs directly into their service packages, providing more scalability and predictable monthly costs that allow your company to plan more easily for IT costs. This may help your budget more effectively.

Bundled IT service providers can also help reduce infrastructure costs by centralizing management – this way, whether your team works remotely or in-office, they’ll all experience similar technology experiences.

IT services providers possess the expertise and resources to handle system upgrades without disrupting employees’ daily tasks, freeing your IT staff to focus on meeting critical business needs and increasing ROI. Furthermore, having one centralized IT strategy could save money spent on repairs caused by cyberattacks or downtime due to repair orders.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is of the utmost importance in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services and legal. An MSP’s specialty lies in creating robust systems to help your business remain compliant and avoid fines while simultaneously monitoring system performance allowing any risks to be quickly identified and dealt with before becoming issues.

MSPs stay abreast of technological innovations that impact your business aims and regulatory compliance, giving you peace of mind that the systems they manage for you comply with all current regulations and standards – freeing up internal teams to focus on other initiatives of value-creation for the organization. Furthermore, their monthly costs remain steady.


Many businesses must adhere to stringent standards like those laid out in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Violating them could result in steep fines and irreparable reputation damage; an MSP has experience dealing with these regulations, so can assist your organization with mitigating potential issues before they turn into catastrophes.

Your IT team may become overburdened with requests to assist users, resolve system problems and upgrade software – which takes their focus away from core responsibilities and reduces productivity. By outsourcing such menial tasks to an MSP provider, your team can focus on high-level projects with long-term goals in mind.

An MSP that performs penetration testing and vulnerability assessments as well as security management functions is invaluable in protecting against cyber attacks, with small businesses making up 43% of target businesses.


Companies today rely heavily on digital technology, so having resources ready around-the-clock to respond to issues with it is essential for businesses. Unfortunately, however, internal IT departments often don’t have sufficient resources available to them in order to meet demands across multiple time zones at all hours of day or night.

Managed services providers offer comprehensive monitoring, management, data storage and security all handled by one team for maximum efficiency. When an emergency strikes, having one fast-reacting team at hand will save your business both time and money.

By having flexible and scalable systems in place, you can focus on meeting your business goals rather than dealing with technological issues. This can increase productivity while helping your company expand faster than expected.