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7 Security Threats & Hacks Every Businesses Should Know About

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7 Security Threats & Hacks Every Businesses Should Know About


Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated by the day. The trick with these criminals is that they are always one step ahead of the law, security professionals, and technology companies. Hackers are taking advantage of new technologies to indirectly impact businesses. To protect your business from all the security threats, you need to learn the most common hacks, the latest vulnerabilities on your networks, and ways to minimize risks.

How secure is your company? Are your employees aware of security threats and hacks? Are you? If not, then you’re putting your business at risk, and may end up losing a lot of money. This blog post will cover 7 security threats and hacks that you should know about and how you can prevent them from happening to you.

What is at Risk?

Nearly everything that has value with your company has risk. Everyone that is connected to your business is in your hands and protecting against cybersecurity threats are a huge responsibility to business owners. There is a lot at stake when having important information for example:

Financial Information:

The obvious target of a hacker is the financial accounts where all your funds are. And if a hacker gets access to your bank, they can potentially empty your accounts and reroute your money to anywhere.

Trade Secrets:

Cybercriminals can watch the ins and outs of how your company operates and can see your emails and documents of your digital files. The data can add up to a picture of your business and how your day-to-day operations are, and it can give any competition information that they need to move onto your clients.

Personal and Customer or Client Records:

If your company keeps records than your servers have personal and financial data of every employee and payments made and received from clients and customers, you do with your business. This data is very important to an identity thief. And if someone gets access to those records that isn’t supposed to this can threaten the security of your records and your clients’ records.

Top 7 Cybersecurity Threats:

Information is very powerful, and your company’s data can be value to others who recognize the value of the information and stakes can be high. Here are top 7 cybersecurity threats to look out for.

  1. Weak Passwords:

Having a weak password can be an issue and hackers can successfully guess a password of an account that you may have, and they can get information that can be very high risk if they have access it. Hackers have serval methods they can use to hack into your accounts and get your passwords. To protect your information, it would be good to create passwords that are randomly generated and be changed often. This will help prevent hackers from trying to guess passwords and trying to get into your accounts.

  1. Phishing Attacks:

Phishing is when a hacker acts like a trusted person or even a business that will con the target into handing sensitive data and passwords. Hackers can email links that might be cloned sites that look exactly like a login page to your account are often used to get data that the hacker needs to gain access. It even can lock you out of you out of your own accounts and it can give the hacker plenty time to do whatever they want. These types of attacks can be difficult to defend against because it is the human element and not the technological element that isn’t the weakness because they can look exactly like your normal log in. To prevent from it happening, it could be good to train your employees on the proper procedures for handling secure information and to report any emails or other things that are suspicious.

  1. Malware Attacks:

Malware is a software that is designed to cause damage to a computer, server or even a computer network. Malware can be so expertly hidden into your network that it would be hard to notice it was there and it can act like a bug draining your accounts unnoticed. These programs are coded of the purpose of replicating data and can insert the code into programs. Antivirus software’s are always updating to be able to fight these viruses and worms. If you have important data, it would be smart to get an antivirus program that will help protect your information and will get rid of those hidden codes that are supposed to be there.

  1. Ransomware:

It is normally installed by a user themselves unwittingly installing a file that they thought was either and update or installing any other programs that are normally used. Ransomware is also a type of Malware that threatens to publish a victim’s data or block access to data unless you pay the ransom. Hackers make it very difficult to trace after and there can be a chance that the money was never recovered.

  1. Halt and Catch Fire:

This is a type of attacks that are threating because cybercriminals can cause a network or device to self-destruct. Some Cybercriminals are so determined on destroying things and joy watching things have problems. It will be a good thing to make sure your company has some protocols to protect your data from being destroyed for example like having a cloud storage and back up servers would be a good example because if something happened then it would be backed up and you wouldn’t lose your data.

  1. Insider Threats:

There is always a chance your own people can be a threat. Privilege can be abused by certain people that you could trust, and it can cause data breaches. Employees can be tempted by a lure of a cybercrime and can be promised a big payday. The best thing is to set up some tools and rules that will prevent data leaks or threats inside your business.

  1. Weak Cyber Security Policies and Procedures:

It is smart idea to train your employees and your self to know what to watch out for and to keep in the loop together. Threats change and can evolve over time and it best to stay on step ahead. Business always has a small cancel that they can vulnerable.

Prevent a Breach:

Cyber attacks can happen to businesses, but your company doesn’t have to be a victim to cybercriminals. Take steps to protect your business for threats. We are here to help with any question and help assist in needs you need help with. Give us a call send us a chat, or simply fill out our form on our contact us page!

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