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Datto and Autotask Have Teamed Up

Datto and Autotask Merger

Datto and Autotask Have Teamed Up

The recent merger of Datto and Autotask under the same ownership last year generated a powerful synergy that benefits customers.

Autotask is a feature-rich, device-management software enabling IT staff to automatically patch, configure, and monitor hundreds of workstations and servers. It is the heartbeat of a Managed Services Organization, managing the ticketing process and offering complex dashboards for maintaining quality professional services automation.

Integrating Autotask with Datto caused a major improvement in efficiency for the MSP industry. Datto backup solutions utilize mature, open-source software running on custom hardware and algorithms for efficiently storing data. They offer the greatest value for customers requiring less than 50 terabytes of protected data.

When put together, automatic Datto alerts are processed by Autotask along with other alerts as part of normal business operations. Datto machines can be managed like any other device, but the new Autotask is “Datto-aware”, providing intelligent realtime information for remote technicians and engineers.

These two winners are now under the same roof, offering a solution that is currently unbeatable.

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