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Disaster Recovery As a Service – Industry

disaster recovery as a service
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Disaster Recovery As a Service – Industry

Disaster Recovery As a Service is currently a $2B marketing that is growing 30% per year.

This growth is driven by:

  • the need of small companies for sophisticated, multi-terabyte backup solutions
  • the benefits of cloud-based data solutions offering a highly reliable network service, 24-hour staff, mature infrastructure, and multi-location disaster recovery capabilities
  • the transition to remotely managed devices (“Internet of things”)
  • the dangerous rise of ransomware attacks

A hot buzzword today is “business continuity” – keeping operations going no matter what. Backup recovery is a critical component of the overall business continuity mission, and the cloud is a major player in these solutions. Most clients opt for a “hybrid” approach, storing data both locally and on the Internet, and DRAAS providers typically offer cloud syncing solutions in addition to on-site dedicated backup hardware.

Managing the backup portal has become a fairly technical set of procedures, targeted toward dedicated professionals. The portal is used to configure flexible backup schedules, efficient retention policies, and numerous restoration options with a choice of formats, including VMs, file systems, export images, and bare metal restores (BMR).

With large companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft going up against hundreds of small competitors, clients have many options available to them. Some companies choose to purchase software and manage disaster recovery themselves, but many are increasingly turning to Managed Service Providers to install and configure these systems and manage them on an ongoing basis for them.

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