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Does Your Managed Service Provider Have Certified Technicians?

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Does Your Managed Service Provider Have Certified Technicians?

These days, professional certifications and credentials are critical in a number of fields. If you want to stay clear of IRS hassles, a good first step is to work with a Certified Public Accountant who meets the stringent competency standards set by his or her state. If you need rotator cuff surgery, you’d be wise to go to a doctor board certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery.

And if you want to choose the best computer techs or find the right tech support for your business, you ought to look for proof that the techs who’ll be working with you and your teams have exceptional skills…that they’re certified by credible entities like Microsoft and CompTIA (the Computer Technology Industry Association).

What’s in a name?

After all, Managed Service Providers (MSP) are only as good as their IT techs. MSPs like to talk about how their techs are “experienced” or “highly skilled.” That may be the case, but unless those techs have proven they know their way around some of the most common IT technology (Microsoft’s SQL Servers, Windows 10, Office 365, and Windows Server 2016, to name just a few), “experienced” and “highly skilled” are just words. Microsoft’s extensive certification program documents those specific skills and others.

Similarly, unless the MSP’s techs have proven they know servers, networks, security, mobility technology, and other foundational or specialty IT areas through certifications from CompTIA, you may soon learn that these techs are learning on the job and on your system.

Certified Technicians: A Key Differentiator

Yes, the MSP space is very crowded and there’s certainly room for lots of companies. Choosing the right tech support for your company can be daunting and seem like a leap of faith. New MSPs spring up all the time but one of the key differentiators you should consider when choosing the best one is the company’s approach to technician certification.

Why we’re happy to invest in our techs.

Any good IT tech knows about the personal value of Microsoft certifications. Studies show certified techs are more likely to be hired and promoted. They’re more marketable and can command a higher salary or wage. Does that worry me as an MSP owner? No, we’re happy to pay a competitive rate for certified techs—we want to keep them on our team because of the premium value they provide our clients. And we want them to enjoy the greater job satisfaction that goes with achieving certifications. That’s why Analytics has a progressive professional development policy when it comes to pursuing certifications. We require ongoing technical training and certification as part of the job. We work with each tech to put together a personal development plan and then we provide the resources—on the job time for training as well as payments to cover the cost of materials and the exams themselves.

The Analytics Computers Wall of Fame

Next time you’re near our office (we’re just 10 minutes south of downtown Denver), stop by and check out our Wall of Fame showing all the Microsoft and CompTIA certifications our team members have earned. We celebrate these accomplishments because we value our techs and their remarkable skills. It makes me feel good that I can confidently tell our clients (or prospective clients looking for the right tech support arrangement) that the techs assigned to support their company are “experienced,” “highly skilled,”… and certified.

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