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Dropbox & Cryptolocker Virus Challenges

Dropbox and Cryptolocker Virus Challenge
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Dropbox & Cryptolocker Virus Challenges

Dropbox is one of the most widely used examples of how people utilize The Cloud. It allows people to synchronize their files between multiple computers and more importantly, allows you to easily share files with other people.

This is a functionality that many businesses as well as individuals are increasingly taking advantage of. It allows their mobile work force to access the recent copies of whatever files they are currently working on together without having to keep track of which email has which version of a file.

Unfortunately, this convenient computer service does come with a price. It allows any one user with the shared files to intentionally or unintentionally destroy the files for everyone else. This is most evident when the Cryptolocker virus comes into the picture.

Cryptolocker is a virus that gets onto your computer and encrypts all of your data files, then holds them for ransom. If you pay the hackers a certain amount of money, they will allow you to decrypt your files to regain your data. The only way to avoid having to do this is to restore your data from a previous backup.

Since Dropbox synchronizes the data files it contains with all other systems it’s linked to, if one system gets the Cryptolocker virus the encrypted and corrupted data is then quickly spread to every other computer linked to the shared data. Very quickly this will bring a company’s operations to a halt if Dropbox contains all of their employee work files.

This problem is complicated with the fact that although Dropbox does keep track of recent versions of files, it only allows one file to be reverted back at a time. This can create an impossible task if there are hundreds or even thousands of files that need to be reverted. Only certain paid subscriptions of Dropbox allow for mass version restores.

Naturally, if one of the systems that has Dropbox installed on it also is backing up all of their data, that computer can save the day for everyone else in that situation. Analytics, known for their Denver IT Services, offers a Remote Backup solution that can facilitate this, making it easy for a mobile work force to have the peace of mind knowing they will have easy access to their data while also keeping it all backed up on the go.

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