Hosted VoIP Providers


Hosted VoIP Providers

Your business phone system is hands-down one of the most expensive investments you make for your company. You have to make the right decision the first time or you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money replacing a system that wasn’t the right fit for your business.

VoIP phones are one of the most popular choices for business owners today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should purchase one without performing extensive research on the options and providers available. VoIP phones can be implemented onsite, hosted, or through a hybrid application. Today, we’d like to discuss who can benefit from a hosted VoIP phone system and what to look for when selecting hosted VoIP providers for your business.

VoIP phones are one of the most popular choices for business owners today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should purchase one without performing extensive research…

Who Uses Hosted VoIP Phone Systems?

Traditionally, hosted VoIP phones are best for smaller business with up to twenty employees. The reason most hosted VoIP providers will recommend this solution for small businesses comes down to cost.

Hosted VoIP phone systems eliminate the need to purchase hardware upfront, thus making them a much more reasonable communications solution for businesses who don’t want to put all of their working capital into a phone system.

The Benefits of Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

As with many cloud-based solutions in the tech space, hosted VoIP phones offer flexibility in a cost-effective manner. The benefits of working with experienced hosted VoIP providers in Denver can be exponentially valuable to small businesses. Let’s talk specifics:

  • Big company benefits without the overhead costs – Hosted VoIP phones offer contact center features, including unified communications, reporting and monitoring, interactive voice recognition, call routing and more.
  • Flexibility in features – The features available to small businesses with the right hosted VoIP provider run the gamut. From remote management to virtual chat options, you can customize your phone system to suit the needs of your business.
  • Scalability – One key benefit a hosted VoIP system offers small and growing businesses is the ability to scale as the business needs change. Hosted systems can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 3,000 employees and can be set up for onsite and remote employees.

Businesses of all types can benefit from leading hosted VoIP providers and the solutions they can offer.

Selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider For Your Business

When you are ready to partner with a technology provider to support your business, you want to make sure you’ve done plenty of research. Research can only get you so far if you don’t know what questions to ask. When it comes to hosted VoIP providers, this stage of the decision making process is especially important.

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to upgrade or change your phone system to VoIP.


Be sure to talk to the hosted VoIP providers you’re considering about their experience working with businesses in your industry, of your size, and with your operation model.

It will be important to know what level of experience the phone provider you select has with your specific business so you can make the best choice.


Another thing you’ll want to consider is what the support options look like. If your phone system goes down, your business can’t operate.

If you need phone support, you want to have both remote and onsite options to collaborate with your hosted VoIP providers and resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter.


Last, but not least, you want to do your research on the security practices your hosted VoIP providers have in place to keep all of your information protected.

Cloud-security is essential to business success, whether it’s with your data, your phones, or anything else you’re hosting off-site.

Analytics Computers As Your Hosted VoIP Provider

Analytics Computers helps small businesses across the Denver area with their technology solutions. As a leading onsite and hosted VoIP provider, we specialize in consulting with business owners to help them make the best decision for their organization.

If you’re considering a new phone system or are unhappy with your current hosted VoIP provider, we can help. Contact our team of VoIP experts today to learn more about the benefits Analytics Computers can offer as your hosted VoIP provider.

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