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iOS 11 – Issues Sending or Replying to Email

Apple iOS email issue

iOS 11 – Issues Sending or Replying to Email

Technical Bulletin: We thought this important enough to identify to our customers.

We have received several calls from iPhone users that are reporting an error message of “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.” When replying to an email or trying to send a new email.

After troubleshooting it has been identified that these users recently updated to iOS 11 and are using Exchange based email (Exchange Server 2016) or third party hosted Exchange email (E.g. Office 365) that is running the newest version of Exchange services.

Don’t worry, you are not alone on this problem. It is not a problem with your company Exchange server or the hosted email provider. Apple has reported this problem and is working on a solution.

It is advisable to consider your email environment before upgrading to iOS 11. What version of in-house, private cloud, or hosted Exchange are you running on? If Exchange 2016, it is advisable to hold off on updating your iPhone until a fix is put in place.

Questions? Please refer to the Apple or Microsoft website listed below or feel free to contact your primary onsite technician or our help desk.

Apple Reference: If you can‘t send an email with iOS 11 and an or Exchange mail account.
Microsoft Reference: You can’t send or reply from, Office 365, or Exchange 2016…

Update – Refer to Apple security updates site for the latest software updates. iOS 11.01 is being released, with the fix, and it is recommended that you keep checking your iPhone Software Updatesettings, as it may not appear immediately, to see when it is available after updating to iOS 11.0.

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