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Lunch and Learn With Analytics Computers

Lunch and Learn
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Lunch and Learn With Analytics Computers

This is the time Analytics encourages all our clients to talk with their mouths full, so to speak. Take a bite, ask a question.

Analytics is a team of highly skilled technicians that strive to bring our clients quality, efficiency and common sense solutions. With this, we believe that face to face interaction allows a more trusting and personal business relationship between Analytics and the valued customer. We feel it is very important to hear about a company’s IT structure and the improvements that they hope can be made to better serve their needs.

Analytics is unique from other Denver IT support companies because we always have a live person answering the phones. The more our customers feel appreciated, the more comfortable they feel approaching our technical support team for any and all of their IT services. An in person luncheon with our clients is one of the many services we offer and it gives the opportunity for Analytics to provide consulting and training to all of our customers.

Technology has grown immensely over the years and will continue to grow. Analytics wants to ensure our clients have full knowledge of all innovative and altering technology that is out there. That is why we delight in taking the time to answer any and all questions in a more personal setting. Analytics is not only here to provide exceptional IT service, but to also provide our business partners with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

We have both our Managers, Steve Reeves, Field Team Manager and TJ Bruning, Support Desk Manager, attending so questions and concerns can be answered and discussed. Steve and TJ discuss all aspects of Analytics and having both support teams involved gives clients the opportunity to ask more questions and/or express more of their concerns. They will highlight the benefits of partnering with Analytics and will express the vision Analytics has to better suit the IT needs of our respected clients.

We encourage all our clientele to partake in our Lunch and Learn Special service. It is very beneficial to attend especially if there are many questions and concerns or if you would just like to learn more about your companies IT structure and services.

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