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Malware In Google Search Results

google search results

Malware In Google Search Results

Search engines are an amazing and useful tool for all of us.  We use them constantly in our everyday lives and the vast majority of the time they give us the information we are looking for within the first couple of results.

We tend to forget that those first couple of results are sometimes advertisements.  Frequently they are advertisements put there by the computer services companies we were searching for to start with so clicking them takes us to where we want to go while giving Google or Bing some revenue.

Sometimes though the first couple of links are advertisements put there by a totally different computer support company, and sometimes that other company is trying to lure us into a promise of providing what we were searching for but giving us something a bit different.

This unfortunately seems to be happening more often these days.  If you do a search for Firefox or Skype to locate then install the program, the first couple of links you find may well be an advertisement put there by someone else.  This result does give you the program you were looking for, but it also gives you a lot of malware that was bundled in with the program so that the other company can use your computer to make money for themselves.  It also slows down your computer, creates a lot of hassle for you and puts your personal information at risk.  This usually requires engaging computer security support to help remove the malware.

Removing the malware can vary in terms of difficulty or success rates for even the best computer support services, so why not just skip the malware to start with?
When you do a search in Google or Skype, give the first couple of results a more careful look before clicking on them.  If you search for Firefox for example, and the first result shows it will take you to a website that ends in “”, I can guarantee you this is not the correct website to get what you want.  If the result ends in “” then this is the correct website.

Unfortunately this kind of preventive action requires a bit more technical knowledge than searching in Google or Bing used to require, though as a general rule in the internet if something feels a bit sketchy than it probably should be given more consideration and checking before you make use of it.

Analytics can provide Denver based tech support and onsite IT services to help determine whether the search result you are seeing is the one that you want to make use of and will not give you unwanted malware.

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