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Managed IT Services Explained

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Managed IT Services Explained

Managed services are an important and growing trend in the business world. Most IT support companies now consider themselves to be “Managed Service Providers”. However, most business owners are unfamiliar with what that actually means.

For the customer it means better value. Managed services enable providers to offer superior service in a world where technology complexity continues to grow.

They can do this by working with large partners that offer major support at the “wholesale” level and reselling these products and services to businesses that couldn’t afford the level of care and expertise an MSP offers.

Autotask Ticketing

Autotask is one of the leading software applications used by IT services companies to provide managed services to their clients.

One of its modules is Professional Services Automation, a ticketing system for companies to track technical issues and schedule technician time. Sometimes a single problem requires a team effort to resolve. The initial fix may reveal a second, related problem, and when the original tech is unavailable another technician needs to jump in.

Tickets contain not only calendar appointments, but a technical history of the problem so the new technician can hit the ground running. This information also becomes a valuable history archive so that no time is wasted “reinventing the wheel”.

A second module in Autotask is Automated Endpoint Management, which enable technicians to remotely log into client machines and repair them without having to waste time traveling and coordinating schedules. This is the core technology a managed services provider leverages to offer benefits to their clients.

Datto Backup

Datto provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art backup solutions targeted specifically for mid-size companies. Their equipment is only available through managed services providers that partner with Datto and offer it as part of a broader set of services.

In addition to their backup devices, they also offer a cloud-based repository managed directly by Datto experts. This means that, in the event a client site goes down, your IT service provider can work directly with Datto professionals to get client systems back up as quickly as possible.

Access to these technical resources is a big plus for the client as will as the managed service provider.

IT Glue

IT Glue is another product product of a global corporation with vast resources. This application stores sensitive client data securely, and can only be accessed by authenticated technicians.

This technical data is the lifeblood of a managed services professional, and IT Glue is the premier tool for giving them the proper access.


Continuum provides Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services that offload the more routine activities (fixing passwords, simple network connectivity issues) so that local tier 3 and 4 technicians can focus on the bigger challenges.

The company has a global Network Operations Center (NOC) that reinforces the existing Help Desk of an IT services company.

Managed Services In Denver With Analytics Computers

IT Services must continue to upgrade their offerings to compete in an extremely technical world. Partnering with larger companies that work closely with managed services providers is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

If you’re looking for a managed services provider in the Denver area, contact Analytics Computers today to set up a meeting with our team of experts.

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