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How Do You Measure The Quality Of An IT Service Provider?

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How Do You Measure The Quality Of An IT Service Provider?

The quality of service your IT provider can offer is the cornerstone of making the decision to outsource your technology needs. Evaluating an IT service provider’s ability to support your business infrastructure can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the details of the specific services they can offer. We’ve got the guide to ensuring you’ve secured the help of a qualified IT service provider.

Using Internal Metrics to Improve Quality

Ultimately, the quality of an IT service provider comes down to customer satisfaction. What are the specific things customers notice and look for?

Such a list might include things like:

  • How quickly does the Help Desk respond to service requests?
  • How knowledgeable is the staff?
  • How easy is it to talk to the technicians?
  • How organized is the company regarding scheduling, ordering equipment, and communicating the status of projects?

What some customers don’t realize is that behind-the-scenes, your IT service provider has a staff of professionals employing technology to ensure each customer interaction is effective and productive. The best service providers will adapt their schedules for the convenience of customers, while optimizing available technician time.

Ongoing training must keep everyone up-to-date on the latest developments in workstations, servers, networking equipment, viruses, and cybersecurity. Documentation is a critical issue – it must be up-to-date and secure, yet convenient.

How Does Your IT Service Provider Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

To ensure services are constantly improving, the leading IT service providers need to monitor specific internal metrics that identify the current level of quality and can be used to target goals. For example, technicians need to keep their documentation current. Customer “touch points” should be identified and evaluated. Then, systems should be improved and the staff motivated to effectively implement those changes.

Quality may seem intangible, but it can be measured. That is the goal of having internal metrics. How long was the average wait time for customer calls? What was the longest? How quickly did most issues get resolved?How could it have been done better? What issues are most concerning to customers, and how can your IT service provider improve all of their systems in order to provide the greatest possible value?

If your IT service provider seems to consistently hit the nail on the head, making you feel comfortable working with them, then they are most likely using internal metrics that keep the entire ship humming along with professional competence.

If your IT service provider is leaving something to be desired when it comes to customer service, we can help you identify the internal metrics that need to be met and support you through those milestones. Contact Analytics Computers today to set up a meeting with our team of IT service providers.

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