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Network Analysis with Sophisticated Software Tools

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Network Analysis with Sophisticated Software Tools

More workstations, larger servers, expanded wireless coverage… more connectivity.

With growth comes risk, and stopping that risk requires powerful new technology.

A manual approach toward risk mitigation is no longer good enough. It’s too hard keeping up with:

  • passwords that never expire
  • unsupported operating systems
  • workstations with no spyware or antivirus protection
  • aging hardware
  • old/unused accounts that are still active
  • unneeded/unprotected open ports

…and many other risks.

At Analytics we run agent software that performs a full audit of a company’s entire network.

It shows not only the “big picture”, but also contains comprehensive listings of all the details.

It shows where you are, and where you need to go.

However, it’s not enough just launching a program like this and letting it do the work. Running this software requires technical oversight by experienced professionals. They must optimize it for your systems, interpret the results, and align its recommendations with your priorities. Preferably these will be the same people who do the actual work.

You can then use these reports as a roadmap for tracking progress toward a highly secure and stable company-wide network.

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