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Protecting Your Data In a Prying World

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Protecting Your Data In a Prying World

Smartphones have been revolutionary in terms of convenience and accessibility. These devices that slip into a pocket or purse replace the bulky desktop computers, Walkman music players, calculators, and DVD players of only 15-20 years ago. But that means we’re also essentially carrying the checkbooks, rolodexes, and even file cabinets that once protected our most private, personal information.

It is possible, though, to protect your data on your smartphone by changing some basic settings. Here’s how:

How to Password Lock Your Devices

I. Apple
  • iPhone
    1. Follow SETTINGS > GENERAL
    2. Click PASSCODE and enter your code to change Lock Settings
  • Mac OS X
    2. Click the lock in the bottom left corner to change settings
    3. Under the GENERAL tab, check DISABLE AUTOMATIC LOGIN. (This will require users to enter their username and password rather than being automatically logged in.)
II. Android
  • Samsung Galaxy
    1. From the home screen, select APPS > SETTINGS
    2. Under MY DEVICE, select LOCK SCREEN
    3. Press SCREEN LOCK and choose one of the lock options
  • Other Android
    2. Click the first option LOCK SCREEN
    3. On the following screen, select lock method

Beginning with the 2013 version, you can use the Microsoft Exchange email server software to implement some basic but important security protocols covering all the devices on your network:

  • Complex device passwords
  • Device password expiration
  • Device lockout after a certain number of incorrect password attempts
  • Screen lock after an inactivity period
  • Remote wiping of device data

Your business-sensitive information will always be safe—even when your sales rep loses her iPhone in a busy airport!

Please reach out to an Analytics technician if you’d like more information about how to implement the Exchange ActiveSync security protocols within your organization.

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