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Cyber Security Now Available at Analytics

Every so often, accounts of massive cyber breaches reach the mainstream media, such as the recent WannaCry ransomware that hit so many healthcare facilities in the UK. But if you’re on the frontlines of IT security on a daily basis, you know that WannaCry is just one of the many increasingly creative threats knocking on the doors of networks every day.

At Analytics Computer Information Systems, Inc., we’re always evaluating new, innovative IT security solutions to find the best SaaS options to help our customers win this daily battle. We like the solution from SonicWALL® (formerly a part of Dell) and we’re pleased to integrate their exceptional IT security tool into our Security Protection as a Service (SPaaS) offering.

Here’s why we like the SPaaS:

  1. Like many solutions, SPaaS screens incoming traffic for viruses, malware and hacking attempts and then locks them out. But it also features a convenient VPN compatible with iPhones, Macs and Windows devices. On Microsoft Windows Domain networks, the VPN uses the same login and password as the user’s computer credentials.
  2. SPaaS screens for viruses and malware at the gateway level so threats are intercepted and eliminated before they reach user workstations. It complements and works alongside other anti-virus software that organizations no doubt already are employing.
  3. SPaaS monitors incoming network traffic for known exploits and hacking attempts and deploys automated tasks to disrupt them. The service is continually updated through regular access to a data base of frequently used exploits and attacks.
  4. Unlike most other gateway-based anti-virus solutions, SPaaS intercepts and monitors HTTPS (secure website) traffic to inspect it for known virus threats and then reseals the encrypted traffic utilizing its own SSL certificate. Since more and more websites are utilizing HTTPS for their standard data traffic, this is a critical element of a comprehensive network security solution.
  5. SPaaS has an optional feature that monitors user-initiated file downloads. When it detects file types frequently used to introduce viruses (e.g., Executables, Archive, Office, and PDF files), it first checks to determine if the file has been evaluated before. If it has not been, SPaaS temporarily interrupts the download and transmits the file to SonicWALL’s datacenter to be opened in a safe environment. If the file is found to be malicious, SPaaS permanently blocks the download of this file. If it proves safe, it permanently allows the file to be downloaded unless the file is later modified—in that case it is screened once again.

Please review our Security Protection as a Service for more information on how to improve your odds of surviving a cyberattack on your business. We’re confident that Security Protection as a Service can make all the difference in an organization’s ongoing battle to repel cybercriminals and hackers. Contact us today to get started!

Analytics has no association with SonicWALL®.

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