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Security Protection vs. Bad Rabbit Ransomware

bad rabbit ransomware
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Security Protection vs. Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Analytics – Security Protection as a Service vs. Bad Rabbit Ransomware

24/7…Security Protection as a Service network security solution tirelessly grinds away, guarding the networks of Analytics’ clients from malicious ransomware, malware, and email-borne threats. We’re pleased to report that last week, Security Protection as a Service came through in a very big way on a very big stage.

On October 24, Russian and Ukraine users were the initial targets of a new strand of ransomware called Bad Rabbit. According to SonicWall researchers, Bad Rabbit spreads using the SMB protocol within Windows.

The SonicWall Capture Labs quickly investigated the threat and confirmed that their SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (Capture ATP) “sandboxing” service successfully stopped the attacks in systems where this SonicWall feature was engaged.

This real-time protection against a previously unknown malicious threat is yet another indication that even initial malware recipients with up-to-date SonicWall subscriptions are protected—even before signatures are available on the firewall.

Subsequently, of course, SonicWall has released signatures for their firewall products that have had a 100% success rate for blocking all the variations of Bad Rabbit that have emerged.

Bad Rabbit is continuing to spread throughout Western Europe and the U.S. But Analytics clients with Security Protection as a Service with Advanced Capture don’t need to be concerned about this threat, new forms of Bad Rabbit, copycat versions…or most likely even the next Bad Rabbit.

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Analytics has no association with SonicWALL®.

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