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The Value Of Technology In Manufacturing Automation

Technology In Manufacturing Automation

The Value Of Technology In Manufacturing Automation

Analytics Computers is currently working with a manufacturer on a major technology upgrade. When it comes to manufacturing, automation can make or break your business model so it is essential to have the right partner in place to help you make the switch or improve your operations with the right technology implementation.

Our newest client knew this and enlisted our help to install cameras and Wyse thin client terminals at each of their operations, adapt their shop management software to accommodate more terminals and improve monitoring processes, as well as strategize and execute a number of other services.

Let’s discuss how manufacturing automation can benefit from the right technology partners and solutions.

Initiating New Automation Projects Successfully

When manufacturers initiate new automation projects, there are a number of things to consider before moving forward. The main challenges involve:

  • technology choices
  • make/buy decisions
  • project implementation
  • documentation/training systems
  • selecting the right IT team

The most detrimental of these decisions is technology related – from what technology to implement to who you select to help you do it. One key success factor for new manufacturing automation initiatives is the quality of the technology partner you work with.

A great partner brings proven success to the table and can hit the ground running with strategic ideas for the specific manufacturing automation you’d like to implement.

Manufacturing Automation Leaders + Technology Solutions Experts

In addition to technical expertise, the partner you choose to work with should be actively listen to the needs of your organization. Moreover, your technology team will need to be able to adapt to your needs and style of leadership.

More often than not, when it comes to combining technology with manufacturing automation, communication is the problem, not technical prowess.

Implementing The Right Technology For Your Manufacturing Automation

Once you’ve found a technology partner that operates well with your business, the next step is to determine what solutions will make the necessary positive impact on your manufacturing automation. For the manufacturing client that needed a technology upgrade, we determined that thin clients would provide the necessary services to optimize the operation, while also being easily maintained and cost effective.

Because the thin clients could be managed centrally and reduce the administrative costs, we were able to improve upon the current JobBoss shop management software the client was using and allow the client to better monitor their employees and processes.

In order to execute upon this solution, we employed a team of expert technicians who had a thorough knowledge of computer-based hardware and software configuration. Like in any other setting, manufacturing automation requires different systems to talk to each other, and although many great options are available, every situation is unique.

Having the right technology partner helping you with the implementation allows you to address issues quickly and implement well-designed systems that enable long-term efficiency and streamline your operations.

Specialized Technology Designed For Manufacturing

Manufacturing automation typically involves a range of networked systems running software for tracking work-in-progress (WIP) and producing timely, actionable information. Management needs to know what’s going on at all times, so it’s critical that all systems are robust and reliable.

Still, it all needs to happen quickly and within budget. New technologies should adapt and conform to legacy systems in a manner that optimizes the overall investment, and legacy systems should still be utilized to an extent that is cost-effective.

Analytics Computers brings over twenty years of experience to the table installing and configuring diverse systems with unique requirements. We look forward to future implementations of manufacturing automation projects.

If you’re looking for an expert technology partner to help you implement the right systems to streamline your operations, contact us today to sit down with our team and learn more.

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