Top 10 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Current IT Support

1. Am I trapped with IT support I have?
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what would happen if you decided to move on from your company’s existing IT support? Do you know the passwords to your servers, routers, wireless access points etc.? Do you have enough information about your infrastructure that you could hand that information to another provider and be up and running the same day?

At Analytics we find it surprising how much information IT professionals keep to themselves. You wouldn’t dream of allowing your accountant to keep your entire financial information private, so why should it be ok for your IT professional to do the same? Analytics keeps thorough documentation on your entire IT infrastructure and will gladly provide you with a copy at any time. Our job security comes from knowing that we provide you with top-flight service, not by holding your company’s information hostage.

2. What happens when my IT guy is sick or goes out of town?
Imagine for a moment that you come into your office one morning to find your server is offline and no one in the office can access files, email or the internet. Quickly you call your IT guy, but there is no answer. You try again and again and again and nothing ever gets solved. The one-man-show-IT-guy is a scaring proposition when you’re faced with a network disaster. He may be great for some of the occasional day-to-day issues around the office, but in a crisis, you should always have a Plan-B. At Analytics, not only do we employ multiple technicians, we train multiple technicians on your network and systems. And all of our on-site technicians are backed by a team of in-house technicians as well who can quickly and easily help with issues immediately.

3. Can I say with confidence that my important information is backed up?
Are you confident in your current backup plan? Do you have a current backup plan? If you do, have you ever tested it? Do you back up locally as well as remotely in the event of a disaster at your business?

At Analytics we offer, and implement, a wide variety of backup strategies all designed for the possibility that your server(s) could crash. Nothing is quite as unnerving as asking yourself if you have a good backup AFTER a crash. Know beforehand. From redundant data protection on the servers themselves to disk, tape, and external drive backups, to remote off-site backups, Analytics does it all. We monitor it all, and we will personally check to make sure the backup jobs run when they should. Analytics also offers disaster recovery testing scenarios, where we bring your network back from backups using off-site virtual machines to test the backup strategy, so you can sleep well knowing you’re covered.

4. Am I in a pro-active or re-active mode with IT issues?
Ask yourself the question, when do I see my IT guy? Do you see him after you’ve had problems and have been pulled away from your work because of it? Or, does he come in to make sure your systems are running correctly before there is a problem?

You wouldn’t wait until you run out of oil to take your car in for an oil change, so why do so many IT professionals take the strategy of “wait until it breaks” to look at your business’ computers? At Analytics we believe in taking a pro-active approach to your IT needs. Our staff uses our proprietary software to track and trend your individual systems health, needs, and history so that we can get rid of problems before they manifest themselves in loss of productivity.

5. How long can I expect my IT guy to stick with me?
Now, here is a question that rarely gets asked by people, but also one which can have a dramatic impact on a business. If you work with a one-man-show for your IT needs or have an IT technician on your staff, have you ever wondered if he’s out looking for full-time work somewhere else? Have you ever considered that he may find an extra-large client who takes up all his time in the future?

If you work with a fully staffed business, have you inquired how long they have been in business? Do they have a high turn-over rate?

Analytics has been in business for over 15 years. We have many technicians and have a wonderful employee retention rate. Coupled with the fact that we always provide you with a plan-A and plan-B technician, a report-support team, and we document everything in your network, you can rest assured
that Analytics will be with you long term.

6. Is my IT guy’s knowledge a limiting factor in my company’s growth?
It’s been said that a carpenter is only as good as his tools. In the IT world, our tools consist of our knowledge of products and our knowledge of how to use them. In the diverse, growing, and ever-changing world of technology these tools are more important than ever.

Most IT professionals are not exposed to the breadth of technology that Analytics technicians are exposed to. With active clients in dozens of different lines of businesses, we’ve seen it all, and have worked on it all. When you work with Analytics, you work with the entire team’s knowledge. We meet weekly to discuss your business’s immediate needs, as well as your business’s growth model and future technology needs. With Analytics you won’t need to take “I don’t know” for an answer.

7. Does the software I use to match my business model?
How often have you asked for the status of a project at your office, only to find out nobody knows what’s going on? Do you regularly hear the excuse “I thought you were working on it”, or “I would assume that someone else is taking care of that”?

Most companies we work with use different software packages for different tasks, but don’t have any way to tie an entire process together.
At Analytics we can design custom software to match your business practices, stepping your employees through sales and services cycles one step at a time. And since we also maintain your systems we can take full responsibility for capability in your environment.

8. When they say “disaster recovery” what kinds of disasters do they mean?
When most people think of “disaster recovery” they think of a hard drive crash. At Analytics we broaden the scope to include disasters like building fires, floods, and theft. We provide remote backup solutions which backup to our servers and are monitored by our technicians, to ensure that we get regular, properly running backups. And we don’t stop there. Analytics also provides virtualized disaster recovery testing, where we perform a mock recovery of your systems into a virtualized environment. This lets us, and you, sleep at night, knowing that not only are we getting backups, but that those backups contain what is needed to completely restore your systems, should network-tragedy strike.

9. What sort of infrastructure support is available to me?
Many companies would like to have part of their IT infrastructure off-site. For example, would you like it if your email was filtered for SPAM and viruses BEFORE it entered your network? Would it be a good idea to archive all incoming and outgoing email off-site for legal purposes? How about hosting an application, email, website, or any other host-able asset with the same vendor who supports your existing in-house IT infrastructure? Analytics provides your companies with the options and services it needs to branch out of the confines of your office space, without getting into an ugly multi-vendor finger-pointing mess.

10. Is it possible to go with one vendor for all my IT needs?
With the one-man-show, or small IT consulting firms, the answer is typically no. With Analytics the answer is yes. Providing you with everything from laying the cable in your office, to hosted services, to custom programming, to voice over IP (VOIP) telephone systems, to localized or enterprise level network administration, Analytics has been in business since 1995 helping businesses grow. If any of the questions above have given you pause when thinking about your existing IT support, we’re anxious to hear from you. Over our many years and countless hours of work, we’ve seen many problems with IT support, and have always made it our goal to find solutions for them. Give us a call, or an email today and find out why working with Analytics, is a smarter approach to IT support.