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What to Expect When Moving Computers

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What to Expect When Moving Computers

When companies move a dozen or more workstations from one location to another, it often turns out a much bigger job than expected.

The challenge isn’t just moving equipment – it’s ensuring all user systems are installed successfully. You won’t know that until the end of the project.

Regular moving companies are not trained in disassembling, transporting, and (especially) reconnecting computer systems. They might agree to move the equipment, but that’s all. Getting it connected, tested, and functional is not their expertise.

A professional IT mover will have specialized packing supplies and containers to guarantee safe transport. The company will utilize a documentation system for tracking items like cables, phones, and personal printers from source to destination, ensuring all components end up in the correct office.

These movers will be trained in special procedures like wrapping computer screens to protect them from scratching, and verifying cord lengths work correctly with adjustable desks.

When properly performed, these procedures require extra time, and that time must be factored into the overall project bid. Taking shortcuts ends up costing more in lost/broken equipment and user downtime.

A general rule of thumb might be about 10 minutes to tear down and 40 minutes to set up. On top of that you would factor in transport and break time.

Toward the end of the move everyone is anxious to get back online, and priorities may need be shifted to get critical users up first. It’s a stressful time, but providing a quality customer experience is critical.

Professional IT personnel not only do the heavy lifting, they make time for the soft touch, giving individualized customer service for each end-user. For example, monitors should be wiped clean and adjusted for the user. Dual monitors, if there’s a difference, should be set to the employee’s preferred left-right placement.

This is the time for satisfying user requirements and doing a thorough cleanup before leaving.

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