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What Cybersecurity Threats Are You at Risk For?

In the current world, it’s not enough to load security tools onto your systems and networks. They must continually be updated as new versions are released to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats. We’ll combine these tools into your customized business IT security system and keep everything up to date for you. IT security best practices for midsized businesses include continual user training and oversight. Most data breaches happen due to human error or negligence like inadequate password protection or careless clicking. You can often protect your system from those missteps with filtering and firewalls but not always, which is why you need continual maintenance.

Best Cyber Security Software

Protect Yourself from Virus & Malware

We offer the Cloud-based Barracuda® firewall protection against spam, viruses, and malicious malware. We place this edge appliance firewall between the Internet and your network, where it continually screens emails and other activity to detect and filter out incoming threats. We also integrate the exceptional SonicWALL® firewall on premise at your network’s gateway. It not only screens for viruses and malware but inspects incoming, secure (https) website traffic and monitors other network activity for known exploits and hacking attempts.

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Support & Repair

We Perform Preventive Maintenance

Our help desk technicians will work with you remotely to perform preventive maintenance and take care of routine business computer support tasks. These include setting up new users and email accounts, scanning for viruses and removing them, setting up printers, and troubleshooting hardware problems. We’ll also come to your worksite if you prefer onsite support and if you require higher levels of computer service related to viruses, major software installations, and system configuration. We’ll help you with the software on your mobile devices and tablets. We will configure them to your network and assist you with setting up email so your people can work efficiently from a variety of devices. We can also perform basic repairs to your Dell products, we mainly focus on the business line of workstations and laptops. We provide maintenance for Dell switches and network equipment and provide manufacturer warranties. We do all of the repairs in our shop located south of downtown Denver. There, for example, we can replace or upgrade hard drives while making sure your data is preserved. For more extensive issues, we’ll cost-effectively coordinate your Dell equipment repairs directly with the manufacturer.

Cybersecurity Protection System Service

At Analytics Computer Information Systems, Inc., we’re always evaluating new, innovative IT security solutions to find the best security options to help our customers win this daily battle. We like the solution from SonicWALL® (formerly a part of Dell) and we’re pleased to integrate their exceptional IT security tool into our security protection service. We’re confident that our cybersecurity service can make all the difference in an organization’s ongoing battle to repel cybercriminals and hackers.