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What is the Importance of Data Backup?

Analytics provides data protection and remote backup service solutions for midsized businesses. We’ll customize a data protection plan for your organization with secure interfaces between devices, suggested operational policies, and efficient recovery capabilities. We’ll work with you to take steps to prevent a data breach or loss, but in the worst case, you’ll have a system in place for data recovery so your organization misses as few beats as possible! Thanks to our affordable, reliable, business class Remote Computer Backup service that will backup Windows-based system servers, desktops or laptop computers. Your backups are kept in a secure remote location on hardware owned and operated exclusively by Analytics.

What Types of Data Backup Are Available?

No Workspace Is Completely Safe from Disasters

At Analytics, we always come up with two plans to protect your data. Plan A involves regular or continual onsite backups to secure, local servers. Plan B calls for frequent Cloud-based backups. Additionally, organizations should follow best practices related to onsite server location, maintenance, and access policies. We’ll work with you at your worksite to put these important elements of a comprehensive data protection solution in place. With verified Plan A and Plan B data backup practices in place, you’ll recover as quickly as possible from local data loss, destruction, or corruption. If the worst happens, we’ll be by your side to get you up and running. For desktops, our scheduled remote backups are run on a daily basis with up to 10GB of storage. Laptops can be configured to be manually backed up when the laptop connects to the Internet for a period of time, making a backup of modified files. For small servers (125GB or less), scheduled remote backups are run on a daily basis. A backup schedule for large servers needs to be discussed with our experts first.

HIPAA & PCI Data Security Compliance

Your Data Is Protected by Analytics

Our backup servers and disk drives belong to Analytics, these servers are in a secure offsite location where only Analytics’ employees have access. Your data is encrypted on your local machine before being uploaded, ensuring that your data transfer is secure to the Analytics servers. To restore your data, a password is required and without the password, your data cannot be accessed (Analytics will keep a copy of your credentials with your approval). Analytics’ IT consulting services will help your company comply with healthcare (HIPAA) and financial (PCI) regulatory requirements by implementing the required security systems and protocols. Our data center and support services conform to those required privacy practices as well. We also support companies with privacy-related ISO documentation.

IT Planning Service

Well Developed Plans to Protect Your Data

No one sets out on a road trip without a plan. And when it comes to IT, ad hoc adjustments and add-ons rarely lead to an optimal arrangement. In fact, they typically end up costing more and adding to unproductive downtime. Our IT consulting service will work with your business to develop scalable IT plans that remain relevant as your business grows and evolves. Our IT consulting and planning services cover everything from design to cabling, to security, hardware, and software. Placing servers, shared software, and shared data in the cloud can be very efficient and cost-effective in the right circumstances. We’ll collaborate with you to determine how cloud computing can enhance your operations—based on your business model, software needs, and workplace configuration. And our IT consultants will steer you away from Cloud solutions that could hinder your employees’ efficiency or threaten your system’s reliability.

Data Backup & Protection Service

By scheduling remote backups of your data, you would have a backup of all your data and access to it within an hour of a disaster. Analytics’ remote backups protect your company against long-term data loss due to either theft, fire, flood, power surge, and other disasters where traditional backup methods would not work. You don’t want to discover that your backups have not been running properly, that’s why we monitor the backup schedule. Ensuring that your backups are taking place as scheduled. If we detect your backups are not running as programmed, we will contact you and fix the problem as soon as possible. We will be there to help you recover your systems as well as restore your data.