Improve IT Security With Safe Cloud Storage

Has someone told you it’s not possible to put one or more of your critical applications in the Cloud? We’ve solved this challenge for clients many times, safely placing their vital IT functions within our own Cloud environment.

Cloud Storage Advantages

Shared Access – Regardless of their location, everyone on your team will have real time access to your applications and time-sensitive databases – for example inventory, sales, and CRM functions. And unlike most shared Cloud arrangements, we’ll carefully schedule maintenance and updates so they won’t interfere with your operations.

Controlled environment – We adhere to the highest standards in terms of server security. In our pristine data center environment, your servers will run nonstop except for scheduled maintenance, ensuring you have continual access to your critical applications and systems.

Scalable – As your business grows, we’ll expand your server capacity with our Infrastructure as a Service offering. Computing power or server capacity will never be a limiting factor for your efficient operations.

Redundant – Your information will be stored on and backed up to redundant servers in our data center. You won’t ever lose your data and you won’t lose access to your data.

Private Storage

For added security, we also offer Private Cloud servers.  This includes Private Cloud Exchange email, Private Cloud Application servers, Private Cloud Remote Desktop Servers, and more.

If you’d like peace of mind regarding data and application security, along with nearly unlimited computing power through our hosted IT solutions, please contact us today.