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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers

A good infrastructure is ideal for companies of all sizes. We offer it at a “per seat” rate that will remain the same based on your configuration requirements. That means you’ll be able to predictably budget for IT expenditures, rather than trying to accommodate periodic expensive server hardware investments. As you grow and need additional resources the environment is upgradable and expandable to fit future needs.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

We'll Monitor Your Infrastructure Closely

The best applications and IT-empowered collaboration tools won’t help your company if your infrastructure can’t support them. The new generations of software can quickly bog down or overwhelm your infrastructure. Analytics will support your full complement of hardware, servers, routers, computers, and devices. We’ll monitor infrastructure performance remotely watching for signs that the system may be reaching capacity or even failing. We’ll also stay on top of infrastructure maintenance and security tasks.

Planning for Routine IT Maintenance: Best Practices to Follow

Get Optimal IT Performance from Your Servers

Optimal IT performance requires reliable servers with sufficient data storage and computing capacity. With our infrastructure as a service, we can provide, maintain, and upgrade servers on our clients’ behalf both in their facilities and in our secure, local data center. With Analytics’ infrastructure, organizations don’t need to be concerned about monitoring, upgrading, buying, or replacing the servers that manage their critical IT functions. They also avoid the periodic tremendous capital costs for this hardware, while having the peace of mind that this fundamental component of their IT systems is safe and secure.

IT Infrastructure Support Services

Additionally, our infrastructure as a service extends beyond our servers as we take care of your backups and other IT functions. Under this arrangement, you’ll receive a negotiated number of hours for onsite and Help Desk support each month. We’ll also meet with you once each quarter to review your IT needs and plans. Our infrastructure as a service package helps us coordinate closely with you so that our infrastructure will always be sufficient to meet your needs as your company grows and evolves.