Looking for Cloud Hosted Infrastructure?
We can help with IaaS.

Analytics Computers specializes in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for companies across Denver, Colorado.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers virtualized computing resources over the internet. It is one of the three main categories of cloud computing and can provide your organization with a number of benefits, including keeping your data and computing capacity safely stored in our secure environment.

How Does IaaS Work?

Typical Infrastructure as a Service models include a Cloud provider that hosts the infrastructure components that you would normally see in a on-premises data center. This includes your servers, storage, and networking hardware, as well as a variety of services that that support the infrastructure of your IT needs.

Infrastructure as a Service offers users more automation and orchestration capabilities for your infrastructure tasks, such as billing, monitoring, log access, load balancing, clustering, and more. Because IaaS is heavily policy-driven, so you can customize the application availability and performance to suit your business’ needs.

Your Trusted IaaS Company

Keep IT Costs Manageable

Our IaaS solution is ideal for companies of all sizes. We offer it a “per seat” rate that will remain the same based on your configuration requirements. That means that you can predictably budget for your IT expenditures, rather than trying to accommodate periodic, expensive server hardware investments.
As you grow and need additional resources, our Infrastructure as a Service environment is upgradable and expandable to fit your future needs.

Taken Care of by IT Pros

Our Infrastructure as a Service offerings extend far beyond our servers. Our technical experts will take care of your backups with redundant coverage that keeps your data protected. Additionally we handle your other ongoing IT functions. We can customize an agreement to offer just the right solution for your needs. You will have an IaaS expert that you can rely on if or when you need them.

Customize Your IaaS Solutions

Included in our Infrastructure as a Service agreement is a quarterly evaluation of your IT needs. We will meet with you to discuss how your technology has been supporting your organization and what needs you have going into the next quarter/year. This allows our team of experts to coordinate closely with you so that your infrastructure is always meeting the needs of your company as it grows and evolves.

Why Work With Analytics Computers?

Proactive IT Management
We look ahead to make sure that you and your business is successful far into the future.

We live and work here in the Denver area. We are here for your business whenever you need us and we understand that doesn’t always mean during work hours

Reputable IT Management
We have been in business for over 27 successful years in the Denver area. We are in business today because of the reputation that we have with our customers.

Preventative IT Management
Through real-time monitoring capabilities we are able to spot potential issues before they become a major problem.

Professional Staff
We know that we are only as good as our people – we have a great and professional staff ready to serve you here at Analytics Computers.

Enterprise IT Management
We offer a level of Enterprise IT support that few companies in Denver can match. Our clients rest easy because they know their data is always protected from ransomware and data loss.

What Are the Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service offers businesses a number of unique benefits that can be leveraged to ensure scalable and secure IT solutions at every stage of your business. Let’s talk about some of these benefits and how they can apply to your organization.

If you are looking for secure, scalable computing capacity, Infrastructure as a Service could be the ideal solution for your business. Contact Analytics Computers to learn more about our IaaS solutions and how they can benefit your business as it grows.