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Compare Hosting in the Cloud vs. Managed Hosting

We’re getting close to the time when all significant business applications, software, and IT functions will be primarily cloud-based. Things like local backups and on-premise servers will be a thing of the past. Hosted cloud services offer many advantages – security, reliability, reduced capital expenditures, better opportunities for employee collaboration, and enhanced flexibility. We’ll work with you to identify the cloud-based services that make sense for your organization, weigh the options, and then move you further into the cloud. And we’ll make sure you always have continued, seamless access to all of these functions.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Share Files Safely in a Controlled Environment

Regardless of their location, everyone on your team will have real-time access to your applications and time-sensitive databases –
for example, inventory, sales, and CRM functions. And unlike most shared Cloud arrangements, we’ll carefully schedule maintenance and updates so they won’t interfere with your operations. As your business grows, we’ll expand your server capacity with our infrastructure as a service deal. Computing power or server capacity will never be a limiting factor to your operations. Your information will be stored on and backed up to redundant servers in our data center. You won’t ever lose your data and you won’t lose access to your data. We adhere to the highest standards in terms of server security. In our pristine data center environment, your servers will run nonstop except for scheduled maintenance, ensuring you have continual access to your critical applications and systems.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Get More Out of Office 365

The Microsoft® Office 365 products are increasingly popular cloud solutions for businesses. We’ll help you determine if Office 365 is right for your organization, based on your bandwidth, security requirements, company size, and user environment. You will get cloud-based accessibility, cloud redundancy (reducing downtime), smooth migration options, and multiple business packages to fit your organization. For some companies, Office 365 does not offer a sufficient secured environment for sensitive, classified information. Similarly, larger companies may want to consider a more customized cloud solution with their own dedicated servers. In these cases, we’ll develop a hosted or private cloud arrangement that may better meet your needs. In all cases, we’ll collaborate with you to explain these issues. If Office 365 is indeed the right fit for your company, we’ll migrate your current office environment to Office 365 and even propose a customized service agreement for your company, so you can get targeted, user-friendly Office 365-related technical support through our help desk. We can provide you with operating systems (servers/workstations), Microsoft Office suite (Purchase & O365), Surface (Pro, Book, Accessories), Office 365 Solutions (Email, OneDrive, SharePoint), Azure, and open volume licensing.

How To Improve Cyber Security

Has someone told you it’s not possible to put one or more of your critical applications in the cloud? We’ve solved this challenge for clients many times, safely placing their vital IT functions within our own cloud environment. Under our monthly service agreement, you’ll have access to immediate support from our in-house help desk, with technicians ready to work with you (and collaborate with each other) on the spot to solve nearly all your issues remotely. And of course, if onsite support is necessary, we’ll be there quickly.