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How Can Companies Protect Against Hackers

Every so often, accounts of massive cyber breaches reach the mainstream media, such as the recent WannaCry ransomware that hit so many healthcare facilities in the UK. But if you’re on the frontlines of IT security on a daily basis, you know that WannaCry is just one of the many increasingly creative threats knocking on the doors of networks every day. It is becoming a daily occurrence that we hear in the news about cyber-attacks or threats. We hear about security breaches, malicious ransomware that encrypts files, or some other form of viral attack that aims to disrupt you and your business. Even large companies experience these attacks (see our recent blog on Equifax and WannaCry ransomware). Smaller companies are equally at risk. Much of the time these attacks have no real purpose than aiming to make your day that much more challenging or in some cases, your week. Much of this is foreign to all but the most technology savvy. We all cannot be IT security experts. We each should have our business expertise and you can trust Analytics Computers to keep you informed, educated, and protected with the most recent advancements in technology. Assailants are always creating new ways to get past this protection. The cleanup or rebuild of the system has taken hours away from productivity. It is never a fun experience to have and more often than not these malicious programs are targeting server shared drives and backup systems.

Best Security Protection Software

Protect Your Data Before Problems Arise

Our security protection software screens incoming traffic for viruses, malware and hacking attempts and then locks them out. It also features a convenient VPN compatible with iPhones, Macs and Windows devices. On Microsoft Windows domain networks, the VPN uses the same login and password as the user’s computer credentials. Our security protection screens for viruses and malware at the gateway level so threats are intercepted and eliminated before they reach user workstations. It complements and works alongside other anti-virus software that organizations no doubt already are employing. Our security protection software monitors incoming network traffic for known exploits and hacking attempts and deploys automated tasks to disrupt them. The service is continually updated through regular access to a database of frequently used exploits and attacks.

Block Malicious Files

Block Files Commonly Used to Introduce Viruses

Unlike most other gateway-based anti-virus solutions, our security protection software intercepts and monitors HTTPS (secure website) traffic to inspect it for known virus threats and then reseals the encrypted traffic utilizing its own SSL certificate. Since more and more websites are utilizing HTTPS for their standard data traffic, this is a critical element of a comprehensive network security solution. Our software also has an optional feature that monitors user-initiated file downloads. When it detects file types frequently used to introduce viruses (e.g. executables, archive, office, and PDF files), it first checks to determine if the file has been evaluated before. If it has not been, our security protection software temporarily interrupts the download and transmits the file to SonicWALL’s data center to be opened in a safe environment. If the file is found to be malicious, it is permanently blocked from being downloaded. If it proves safe, it permanently allows the file to be downloaded unless the file is later modified, in which case, it is screened once again.

how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses

We Protect Our Clients from Hackers

This report is from one of our clients’ systems in that it shows the amount of virus blocking it has done over a short period of time. They were getting bombarded by their third-party email provider, that did not inspect files for viruses. On several days it was blocking over 1,000 viruses/malware/ransomware from getting into the network. Needless to say, many of their network problems have gone away when we started implementing our security protection software into their network. Be proactive in protecting your network, data, and internal systems.

How to Prevent Malware, Viruses, and Spyware

You Need Extra IT Protection to Stop Hackers

We all have virus protection and to a certain extent it provides a layer of protection against known viruses and malware, but anti-virus alone is not enough. Over the last year or two at least one of your workstations has likely been affected by a virus, malware, or ransomware. It managed to slip through the cracks of anti-virus and came in either through a website, an unknown download behind the scenes, or an email attachment. You will have the latest technology in intrusion protection. Scan incoming traffic on your network and prevent malware, virus, and spyware from causing any damage. Have advanced capture tools to help identify new and unknown threats before allowing this traffic into your network. Proactively monitor your network traffic and get alerts of any malicious activities. Comes with an optional SSL encrypted VPN connection for secure remote access. Updates easily, no need to buy new software every few years or renew warranties. No annual or monthly subscriptions. Allow us to be your IT Security experts and protect you from the ever increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

How to Protect Your Company From Cyber Attacks

To properly protect ourselves from cyber threats in this day and age, a multi-layer defense is required. Analytics offers the latest protection at the edge of your network. Protect your systems from threats before they even get to your workstation or servers. Stop them at the entrance to your network! Please consider our security protection as a service to improve your odds of surviving a cyber attack on your business. We’re confident that security protection as a service can make all the difference in an organization’s ongoing battle to repel cybercriminals and hackers.